Kadri Voorand is an outstanding Estonian jazz talent, whose passionate style of performing, imporvisations filled with fantasy and original creativity has brought her recognition, fans and prizes both in Estonia and abroad. In 2017. she was awarded the Jazz Artist of the Year title at the Estonian Music Awards.

Kadri Voorand Trio also adds Marek Talts and Mihkel Mälgand into the mix. Marek Talts is one of the most noted guitarrists in Estonia, whose style can best be described with a wild energy and openness on the stage, as well as being technically virtuosic. Mihkel Mälgand is an esteemed Estonian bassist, who has, among others, played for Raivo Tafenau, Lembit Saarsalu and Estonian Dream Bigband.

London Jazz News has described Voorand trio as follows: “Kadri Voorand is a first class joyfully rousing entertainer with a great voice, great timing with a group of first class musicians closely tied together and flexibly underpinning her spontaneous asides and excursions. With her performance she proved to be a unique thoroughbred entertainer on a high musical level who hits people’s body and soul. In that capacity she clearly deserves still more international exposure”.