The members of Põhja Konn are sort of amphibious: they’re familiar with the paths of classical music, jazz, rock, funk and pop music. Being on the crossroads of different genres, they are able to breathe life into a complete organism, that’s at least two-sided: equally important keywords are lyrics and music, past and present, harmony and melody, shape and content.

Põhja Konn came to existence in 2009 and could only play for a year. During the time they managed to record a few songs, but not release them. In 2015 the band was called together to celebrate the 110th birthday of Estonian poet Betti Alver by setting a few selected poems of hers to music.

However, the band’s singer and keyboardist Valter Soosalu looks back the the early days of the band with knowledge and reckons that by putting together a full album in the later stage, gave the whole album a professional breathing. The members have gained experience and gone over the material that was perhaps made zealously.

Põhja Konn was nominated in three categories in te 2017 Estonian Music Awards: Band of the Year, Best Rock Album and Debut Album of the Year.