Popidiot is an electronic music act which was formed in the middle of 2000 by two mad scientists Hendrik Luuk and Matti Peura (both with doctoral degrees in life sciences). They met in a neurobiology lab and started brainstorming about how to combine pop music elements into dance-music in a more anarchic way. Later guitarist and (mastermind behind Estonian shoe-gaze legend Pia Fraus) joined the group.

The band┬┤s second album Antenna of Love (2009) was a success in Estonia and won best music video, best pop act, best electronic artist and band of the year in the Estonian music awards in 2010. Now, after several years of silence Popidiot is back with a more dance-oriented style presenting a mixture of uptempo beats as well as laidback grooves, bathed in reverb and synth washes, still not forgetting the original idea of being slightly different and a bit anarchic. Popidiot’s new release Miracles featuring Estonian singer Sofia Rubina was released in March 2017.