Festival pass is available at Tartu Indiefest e-shop. Single-entry tickets are available on-site one hour before the event.

Festival pass

Festival pass allows the visitor to attend all of the festival’s events at Aparaaditehas, Genialistide club and Kalevi street park. Passes are available at Tartu Indiefest e-shop, Piletilevi (from 20.03.2017), festival info desk (during the festival week) in Tasku center and at venues.

Early bird passes (20€) are available until 20.03.2017.
Passes with reduced price (25€) are available until the end of April.
Passes with regular price (30€) are available until the week of the festival.
During the festival week, passes are available for 35€.

Tickets are available on Tartu Indiefest e-shop and Piletilevi.

During the festival week passes are available on Tartu Indiefest e-shop, Piletilevi, festival info desk and at venues.

Pass is only valid as a wristband. Ticket can be exchanged for the wristband at the festival info desk in Tasku center from 15th May to 19th May from 10AM to 8PM.

Single tickets

Single tickets are only available at venues one hour before the start of the event.

Kalevi street park
Full price admission 20€
Student discount ticket 15€ (with a valid document)
Family ticket 55€ (two adults and two up to 18 year-old childen)
Genialistide club and Aparaaditehas events
Full price admission 8€

NB! Pass grants priority access to venues. Organizer follows the security, capacity and safety regulation upon entrace to venue. Information: indiefest@indiefest.eu

Things to keep in mind

Please bring cash to venues, it may not be possible to pay by card at all times.
It is not allowed to bring your own food or drinks.
It is not allowed to bring fire arms and other weapons, as well as umbrellas to events.
There is a security check upon entrace to venues.
It is prohibited to bring professional recording devices (including cameras with removable lenses). For covering festival as media, please apply for accreditation.
Sound and picture are recorded at venues.
In case of questions please address those to organizers. They can be found at entraces.